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 Did You Know? The Gateway Arts and Entertainment (A&E) District of Prince George's County runs north-south along Baltimore/Rhode Island Avenue, beginning at Madison Street at Baltimore Avenue in Hyattsville and ending at Eastern Avenue at Rhode Island Avenue in Mount Rainier.

  • The A&E District runs for 2 miles along Route 1.
  • The Gateway A&E District is the only arts district in Maryland to feature more than one city/town, and
  • Is the closest in Maryland to the Nation's Capital (following Wheaton, MD; Bethesda, MD; Silver Spring, MD).


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Google Map 2017

This handy map notes some local arts centers, businesses, and nearby schools and libraries near the A&E District. For detailed listings, browse our interactive directories.

Map maintained by Hyattsville CDC

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Sector Plan Character Areas

Browse our map below: The Prince George's County Gateway Arts District Sector Plan is based on the community’s vision and a concept plan that reflects the intended character of the Arts District. The community’s vision describes an area that is a focal point for art activities of all types and a place for entertainment, socializing, dining, shopping and living, but retains at its core the heart of four small municipalities. The County Arts District concept plan builds upon the unique characteristics of the four municipalities to allow the development of more lively commercial and mixed-use centers via seven character areas.

On a practical level, each character area performs a complementary-but-different sometimes-overlapping function. As such, individual properties' uses are encouraged and prohibited in order to encourage each area's potential for new and continued investment. In turn, investments made on individual properties may qualify for real property tax eligiblity.

Read a cheat-sheet on each character area below. If you're in an exploring mood, browse our Vision in the Sector Plan - Section 4 Conceptual Plan, Page 12 for the vision for each area. Then, for summaries of goals, land use characters, and a table of uses for each area visit Section 5 Implementation, page 135.

For a map of zoning, we recommend the interactive web-app,

Interested in how this applies to your property?  Contact your local CDC.


Sector Plan Character Area Cheat-sheet

(Hint: On the embedded interactive map, click the 'Legend' button on the upper-left)
  1. The Town Center character area in red is a walkable, pedestrian oriented area with mixed use development.
  2. The Arts Production and Entertainment character area in blue likewise supports a mix, but specifically gears itself towards artist live/work space, artist larger-scale production space, small-scale retail and commercial businesses and entertainment uses.
  3. Neighborhood Arts and Production in purple is similiar but on a smaller and quieter scale with less traffic, so that it blends into the Traditional Residential Neighborhood character area in pale yellow.
  4. The latter is primarily for single families and also artists who wish to produce and teach from their homes. 
  5. The Multifamily Residential community is in beige and also supports artists by including auxiliary buildings with studios for residents, and facilitates multimodal transporation.
  6. The Stream Valley Park is in green.


ArcGIS Inline Map of Sector Plan Character Areas with A&E District Outlined, courtesy of The City of Hyattsville:

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Illustrative Maps:

  1. Conceptual Maps
  2. Promotional: Points of Interest
  3. Public Art Locator
  4. Art Lives Here 2015 Magazine Centerfold
  5. Art Lives Here 2015 Blight Map
  6. Gateway CDC Open Studios Tour by Year






1) Click here to browse the sector plan's Concept Plan Illustration (pages 68-69)




2) Click here to browse a 2014 Points-of-Interest map.

2014 Points-of-Interest (Print Copy)


3) Click here to browse the Public Art database.


4) Click here to browse the 2015 Art Lives Here magazine centerfold




5) Click here to browse the Art Lives Here campaign's blight maps.

Looking to learn more about how we address blight and economic development? Contact your local CDC for the latest projects.




6) Click each year to browse past years of the Gateway CDC Open Studio Tour:

  1. 2017
  2. 2016
  3. 2015
  4. 2014
  5. 2013
  6. 2012
  7. 2011
  8. 2010
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  10. 2008


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