Guided Walkthrough

Hyattsville Arts Festival 2009

First Steps: What are you looking for?

The Prince George’s County Gateway Arts District is a focal point for arts and entertainment activities of all types, offering the amenities and rich diversity of the DC area, while retaining the charm of four small towns.  


 From big picture to small picture, we invite you to learn more about our area by visiting our three-step guide and then selecting the attached links. 

Step One) Learn about Available State ResourcesDo you want to learn more about a topic, find a job or task, locate fellowships and memberships, or find something else? We recommend prioritizing what is most important, then creating both a short-term and a long-term list.

Step Two) Recognize What is Local In Your Community. Learn about opportunities and traditions in your area to expand your scope. We can point you in the right direction.

 Step Three) Locate Creative & Business Resources in the Gateway Arts District that can 
help you with your search and direct you to tangible results. These include businesses as well as local and state organizations. 


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