Types of Resources Available

The rule of thumb to finding resources

  1. Know what you're looking for
  2. Understand the way the system works
  3. Start local so you can find up-to-date resources and talk to real people


First things first: We recommend you narrow down what you're searching for when. Our Creative & Business Resources covers an array of resources to help artists find aid and community. You can learn how our state, county, and local municipalities foster artists' growth.


Big Picture to Small Picture

The Maryland State Arts Council has basic core programs available both directly to artists and through its work with local governments and through other collaborative projects. The following list is included in their Imagine Maryland Plan . This document outlines their vision for arts programming throughout the state. Accordingly, this list explains the types of developmental resources available in the arts field.


  • Grants for Organizations provide general operating support to nonprofit arts organizations.

  • The Community Arts Development Program provides county arts councils in each jurisdiction with financial and technical resources to support local artists, arts projects and arts organizations.

  • Individual Artists Awards Fellowships recognize Maryland's most talented, emerging and established artists with cash awards that acknowledge artistic excellence.

  • Maryland Folklife Program and Maryland Traditions identify and present traditional artists and folk arts in tandem with the Maryland Historical Trust to preserve and promote diverse traditions.

  • Arts and Entertainment Districts foster economic development through collaboration of culture, commerce and community, encouraging artists to live and work in entertainment enterprises.

  • The Arts in Education Program inspires and educates Maryland school children with artist residencies and performances, and also offers teacher training.

  • The Maryland Public Arts Program promotes and supports integration of artistic enhancements into the state's natural and built environment.

  • Technical Assistance supports organizational and professional development activities.


The next step is learning how these MSAC programs directly impact artists through grants/awards/registries/lists as well as funding for local arts councils and departments.

Now that you've seen what our state has to offer, go local...

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