What’s In Your Community?

The Annual Downtown Hyattsville Arts Festival, on flickr


The General Process

Go to your town/city's website, town hall, or library, and see if your community has a community development corporation (CDC), arts council, and/or a Department of Recreation. Then, visit, call, and/or e-mail your local representative to learn more about your arts interests. In the Gateway Arts District:


The Annual Downtown Hyattsville Arts Festival, on flickr


Here in the Gateway Arts District

Several state and local organizations collaborate to support our area's arts programs. By contacting each organization, you can narrow down where to start and what to do depending on what you want to know. Remember, talking to more than one individual can do more for you than researching online alone!

For instance, the Gateway CDC and Hyattsville CDC work with many organizations, such as the Prince George's Arts & Humanities CouncilM-NCPPC, the District 2 Office, and the Maryland State Arts Council, to sponsor arts programs and support area artists' initiatives. Each organization "does its own thing" and in our Arts District's case, collaborate often when not hosting their own programs and campaigns. Make sure you expand your scope:


Now that you know what you're looking for, view our lists:

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